We produce and stock a range of landscaping products including The Gardeners' Friend Soil Improver, premium top soil, woodchip, ornamental bark and quality turf. 

All landscaping products are available for local delivery in bulk bags, some products are also available in loose tipped loads.

There are a number of local stockist for 50 litre bags of  The Gardeners' Friend Soil Improver.


Our compost is produced to PAS 100 certification, this ensures that we are composting to current standards and our product is of the highest quality.  It's best application is as a soil improver and is available under the brand of The Gardeners’ Friend in 50 litre bags from select local stockists or direct from us in bulk.


Ornamental Bark

This mulch is an ornamental mixed fir/spruce bark chipping of and is superb for mulching borders and creating paths. 

Available delivered in bulk bags.


Eco woodchip, produced locally from sustainably managed forests. This woodchip is un-graded and provides an economic ground cover for landscaping projects, animal runs and coups. 

Available delivered in bulk bags. 

Premium Top Soil

Our premium top soil is screened down to 10mm and is a loamy soil, blend with The Gardeners' Friend Soil Improver, it produces a nutrient rich soil with perfect workability.  Premium top soil is excellent for creating raised beds and levelling lawns etc. 

Delivered in bulk bags or loose loads. 


We supply turf to order.  This is a quality greenscape turf, grown on loamy soil.

Sold by the square metre, delivery available. 


We sell dry, barn stored hardwood logs.  We usually have mixed hardwood and Ash available.  Hardwood logs are delivered in builders bags or loose loads by the cubic metre.

We also sell budget logs in bulk bags, which contain various hard and softwood of mixed season, suitable for wood burners.